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Inspired by the technology behind the self-driving car Google launches this spring in the Netherlands, the self-propelled bicycle. The launch occurs from Amsterdam, cycling city par excellence. 
( Via.Google Self Driving Bike (dutch) )

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Festisite is a Personalized famous logos and Money Maker, this simple online tool lets you quickly create driving licence ,logos and custom money bills with your own photos on them. It currently supports around 40 different currency templates including Dollars, British Pounds, Yens and Indian Rupees.

The process is simple and quick, just upload your face photo, pick your desired currency, align the image and finally click on the “Finalize image” button. The bill can then be saved onto you computer using the “Save as” option available from right-click menu of your mouse.Check our PersonalizedMoney

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Create your face in motive with the free face in hole generator FIM.me. Create Photo Montages and funny pictures with your face in motive, have fun!

Instructions : Click the photo upload and select one of your images to upload into the template.Than use the zoom,rotate,flip icons to positions the image the way you want.You can also click and drag the image to the location you prefer.Use the Brightness and Contrast controls to adjust the color of the photo to help make it match the template

When your picture is ready, push the 'Print Screen' button once.
You can find it on your keyboard somewhere to the right of the function keys.

Then open a graphics program such as Paint (if your running Windows).
Then push the Ctrl +V key together.

Your picture should appear on screen. You can then edit it and/or save it to your hard drive,

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The fundraising website has enlisted the actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry to help marathon fundraisers make personalised messages that ask for donations 

The not-for-profit fundraising website has joined forces with Stephen Fry, the comedian, actor, writer and presenter, to create humorous video messages that can by used on social media by fundraisers who are running the London Marathon on Sunday to appeal for donations. The videos offer people a fun and fast way for marathon runners to boost their fundraising – they are easy to make and share with family, friends and colleagues through Facebook, Twitter and email or as uploads on YouTube.

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Dance Flick Presents you Dance Your Face off! Now you can be part of this 2009 american comedy movie by just uploading your photo and choosing the music video you want to be in from their site.

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A new way to discover products. Each chart gives you an easy to grasp overview of what is available on the market, and provides the tools to find the product that is perfect for you.
So I went on a long journey to find a better place for the product charts. And here it is: ProductChart.com